Becoming A Godmother: A Lookbook


Last November I had the honor of becoming the Godmother of my first nephew. It’s a big step for him as it was his first sacrament and needless to say I couldn’t be any prouder of him or my little sister.

For the baptismal service I opted to go with a wrap around the waist lavender floral top with ruffled sleeves, bell bottom white pants from my mom’s closet (when I visit home I barely pack any clothes because I’m always rushing to get there after classes), and I paired it with some black strappy 5′ chunky heels. To top it off I wore square crystalized silver dangled earrings. I had my favorite tan longline coat with me but it got sunny as soon as we stepped out of the car. Texas weather is extremely bipolar.

I’m a huge fan of dresses, and dressing up in general. Lately I’ve been opting for the pants option as the weather has been making me want to dress accordingly.

This picture was taken minutes after becoming a godmother to the most handsome baby boy on the planet and before the routine weekend grocery trip to the Asian market with my dad. The closest I’ll be to being a mom anytime soon!





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