Writer’s Block: I’m A Published Author!

I’ve had this blog since 2014/2015 and have always found writing as one of my creative outlets. It’s earned me scholarships, extra spending money, and gives me peace and comfort when I’ve been at my lowest.

Throughout this lifetime as I continue to grow I find that my thoughts are essentially the same and aligned with the morales I have always had.

It’s interesting to see my thought process documented in my arts of work from photography, to writing, to artwork, and published articles.

I took a break for a long while from writing. Almost two years. In those two years I went through hardships, developed severe anxiety, endured abusive situations; but I also earned multiple degrees, achieved several goals, grew stronger, and learned how to better understand who I am and all that I am capable of. I lost parts of myself and time that I can never get back but in pushing through I find peace.

You never know what someone struggles through, and sometimes you may never know. There’s quite a bit I keep to myself but online everything seems picture perfect. You post one image a month and everyone thinks you’re living your best life every day. And while every day isn’t perfect, I choose to be thankful to see what some may not have the chance.

Within the last two months I have gotten back into one of my lifelong comfort hobbies, writing. And within the last two months I’ve created new works that will be published under a pen name in which tens, maybe hundreds, maybe more or less will read.

If you’re going through rough times I am here to assure you while you may not get over all that you’ve been through, you CAN get through it.

With Love,


Psalm 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and rescues them from all their troubles.

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