Last Day Of Spring Break 2015

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Spent the last day of spring break with one of my favorite people! It was much needed from days of stressing over things I probably shouldn’t put so much weight on. From shopping, to eating, to taking pictures in super weird Asian photo booths; I guess you could say our day was quite productive. Minus the fact that it was on a Friday during the Lenten Season and I forgot until my little sister snap chatted me after I posted that burger picture on my story. (For those who don’t know, we are not suppose to eat meat on Friday’s during Lent.) #LordForgiveMeForThingsIDon’tUnderstand.

On a side note, Vina hit the jackpot! Not that any of the prizes were even worth getting anyways so we still ended up leaving empty handed. That arcade is honestly over rated. 10//10 would not go back and just go out to eat instead. Except avoid the places with people who ask you one too many questions. Also, never get left alone! Vina left to fill up her drink while I ordered and the cashier kept asking questions like: “Which college do you go to?” , “Wow you’re not in college?”, “You’re not a senior?”, “What grade are you in?”. Forcing me to politely to smile and say no after every inquiry. I guess the questions were typical because I get them often, but at that moment I was just hungry and all I wanted was food and to get my order over with so I could sit down.

(This post is like a month late…)

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