Gift Guide for Guys

Whether it be Christmas or not, buying the perfect gift for a guy doesn’t come easy. They’re so simple… yet super complex at times. What do they even want?? Have no fear! Below I’ve prepped a list that has never failed me. From dads, to brothers, and boyfriends; this list should kick start your agenda: … More Gift Guide for Guys

Home sweet home

The first time I’ve visited home since I left was about a few weeks ago during the beginning of October. I had been homesick even though my parents make it a priority to come visit me on the weekends every other week.  When I got back it was pretty late on Friday night and the … More Home sweet home

Behind the scenes

If you ever wonder who’s behind the pictures or YouTube videos throughout the duration of the trip, it’s these girls right here! I know sometimes they get annoyed but at least they push through it!  I’m having an amazing time and we’re not even halfway though the trip. Life couldn’t get any better than this!

Easter Sunday

         For two weekends in a row my family drove to Louisiana!!! It’s a 8hr car ride one way! Insane, right?! Road trips are pretty intense…. Especially when little Kylie poo has a weak stomach. All he wants is 4for4’s from Wendy’s! The drive was so worth it! I love my family so … More Easter Sunday

Austin eats!

  Hopdoddy has an outrageous line, but the burgers are definitely worth it! I recommend the SWISS burger with lamb. The fries are amazing as well. It’s so weird when people are next to you and you try to discretely take pictures of your food… They’re probably thinking, “Ugh, another little Asian girl and her … More Austin eats!