Gift Guide for Guys

Whether it be Christmas or not, buying the perfect gift for a guy doesn’t come easy. They’re so simple… yet super complex at times. What do they even want?? Have no fear! Below I’ve prepped a list that has never failed me. From dads, to brothers, and boyfriends; this list should kick start your agenda: … More Gift Guide for Guys

Dorm sweet dorm 

SOOOOO I’ve been out of college for a few months now but I finally got around to making the video that is suppose to go with this blog post. This post has been drafted for literally months! Click the link if you want me to physically show you how I lived or just check out … More Dorm sweet dorm 

Summer cleaning 

In the midst of cleaning a section of my room, I decided to turn the place upside down and well… Here’s how it looks so far.  I always see rooms on television look so put together… But let’s be real. No one’s room can stay perfect if they actually live in it.  Every cleaning is … More Summer cleaning 

Dorm shopping 

For my dorm I envisioned a space with light welcoming friendly colors like light pink, lilac, and baby blue. Pastels make every environment calmer, and which school environment is ever calm during finals season?  I got my shopping buddy (aka bff and little brother) to help me by modeling along the way so I could … More Dorm shopping