Bed Head Guide: For My Girls On The Go

So we’ve all had those mornings. Going to sleep super late because of work or studying for those dreaded exams, then heading out after only getting three hours of sleep. Let’s keep it real. I know some of y’all leave the house in the clothes you’ve slept in because you’re just running THAT late. There’s … More Bed Head Guide: For My Girls On The Go

Traveling Light

    Ever since I can remember I’ve had the largest luggage when going on trips. Whether it be on family vacations or school trips with friends. Once I recall going on a family cruise when I was about 15. I had at least three+ outfits for each day, and you better believe I used … More Traveling Light

Back To School

So this semester I’m taking 21 hours! Crazy right?! But I’m excited for move in day and even (low-key) more excited to get to wear my Aggie gear for game days! (Wait, me? Wearing t-shirts?? What?!) Here’s a look at my first package from PINK along with my new cowboy boots my parents brought me … More Back To School