Chocolate Chips + Study Breaks

So lately I’ve been super bogged down with school, and I’ll be the first to admit that math is not my favorite subject. Well it was one of my favorites, up until calculus. While taking ochem I thought that was the hardest most time consuming subject I’d ever have to take in undergrad… well I … More Chocolate Chips + Study Breaks

Back To School

So this semester I’m taking 21 hours! Crazy right?! But I’m excited for move in day and even (low-key) more excited to get to wear my Aggie gear for game days! (Wait, me? Wearing t-shirts?? What?!) Here’s a look at my first package from PINK along with my new cowboy boots my parents brought me … More Back To School

Dorm sweet dorm 

SOOOOO I’ve been out of college for a few months now but I finally got around to making the video that is suppose to go with this blog post. This post has been drafted for literally months! Click the link if you want me to physically show you how I lived or just check out … More Dorm sweet dorm 

PINK Campus Street Team: A Life Changing Experience 

This spring semester of my freshman year I interviewed for the pink campus street team. Initially I applied as a joke and was extended an interview. I had several interviews before during first semester that were for health occupational clubs and women’s organizations, and I thought those interviews went excellent but was eventually rejected.  So … More PINK Campus Street Team: A Life Changing Experience 

Eating: the most worthy type of procrastination 

During finals week I found myself eating away time. When I wasn’t studying I was eating and when I wasn’t eating I was studying. This inverse correlation occurs because the mentality of not wasting time. While studying for finals I restrict myself to no tv, no friends, skipping extracurricular activities, and ignoring calls/facetimes of everyone … More Eating: the most worthy type of procrastination 


Finals. A huge percentage of your grade. For any student it proves time and time again to be a stressful time. Whether you procrastinate or not, you will n ever feel fully prepared to take a test, “if i had one more day” always seems to cross your mind, and if you deny this you’re … More FINALS WEEK